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Care and Feeding of Your WP Website: Installing Plugins

Installing a plugin is the fastest way to add functionality to you WP website. There are oodles of them and many are free.

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New Website - High Treason Games Online

We are pleased to announce not just a new website but a partnership between HighTreasonGamesOnline.com and RightProspects. 

We look forward to many years of profitable partnering. 

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Using Heading Tags to Outline Pages for SEO

SEO is all about semantics, how accurately the page content and images relate to eachother and the title. We have all created an outline for a paper or speech in our lives. Here we use the same technique to ramp up our search engine ranking.

Heading tags allow the search engine's algorithms to understand your page electronically and give it semantic meaning. The better the agreement or relatability of the content, the higher the search rankings.

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Updating Your WP Site

This article will explain how to update your WP website. Before you make any updates to your site, it is always best practice to backup your site. Check out our previous article for info on that.

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Backing Up Your Site

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How do I back up my site?

By now you have added products, articles or posts to your site. It would be tragic to lose them due to a tech malfunction. There are many ways to do a site backup. Backing up with the All-In-One WP Migration plugin is one of the easiest I have found. Here is a step by step guide to backup your site using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. 

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New Website - A Healer's Soul

A Healer's SoulWe are very pleased to announce our latest website A Healer's Soul or Caminos a la Dignidad

Miss Carmen Gutierréz, desired to add bi-lingual capabilities as well as an updated look to her site. Thank you very much for letting us be a part of your healing legacy. 

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New Website - Sound Mind, Strong Body

We would like to announce the creation of Sound Mind, Strong Body website built on the WordPress framework.


Thanks to Andy Grant and everyone at SMSB for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your natural health solutions. 

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New Website - DCRW

Douglas County Republican Women

Douglas County Republican Women

We would like to announce our latest website creation. This site was created using WordPress CMS. 

Douglas County Republican Women - Colorado

We would like to thank Marsha Haeflein, President, the Board and Members of this great organization. It is aways a pleasure to work with you. 


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New Website - Gum Gully Provision

Right Prospects is proud to announce it's newest e-commerce website. 

Gum Gully Provision

Thanks to Robert Corn and all those involved with Gum Gully for letting us be part of this project. We couldn't be happier for your success. 

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New Website - Proud Americans Who Serve

Proud Americans Who ServeRight Prospects is proud to announce it's newest e-commerce website.


Thanks to Mark Clark and all those that work at Proud Americans. What a fun project. We love what you do and are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this. 

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