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It's the Wi-Fi!

This week my PhoneGap desktop developer ceased to connect to my android device. After receiving no help from forums, PhoneGap, Adobe, Cordova, or Google. I checked my developer settings on the Android device, checked the USB connection, checked the firewalls on my PC, uninstalled and reinstalled both apps. Nothing. Frustrated, I decided to walk away from the problem for a moment and clear my head. I began to write an unrelated blog post for another site I contribute to. While writing my mind still subconsciously worked on the PhoneGap problem. 


My Eureka! moment came half way through the blog post.

New Video- Where's My Genji Samuri

We would like to introduce our latest video "Where's My Genji Samuri"

Thanks Cursed Soul for letting us work our magic with you. This was edited using Adobe Premier Pro. 




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