It's the Wi-Fi!

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This week my PhoneGap desktop developer ceased to connect to my android device. After receiving no help from forums, PhoneGap, Adobe, Cordova, or Google. I checked my developer settings on the Android device, checked the USB connection, checked the firewalls on my PC, uninstalled and reinstalled both apps. Nothing. Frustrated, I decided to walk away from the problem for a moment and clear my head. I began to write an unrelated blog post for another site I contribute to. While writing my mind still subconsciously worked on the PhoneGap problem. 


My Eureka! moment came half way through the blog post.

I had recently turned off my Wi-Fi on my android device. I grabbed the device, turned on Wi-Fi and hit "connect" on the PhoneGap App.

Connection Nirvana. 

If you are having trouble connecting to PhoneGap Desktop Developer from an Android device, check your Wi-Fi setting. It might work for you too.

 And, that blog post never got finished. I was just too busy.