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How do I back up my site?

By now you have added products, articles or posts to your site. It would be tragic to lose them due to a tech malfunction. There are many ways to do a site backup. Backing up with the All-In-One WP Migration plugin is one of the easiest I have found. Here is a step by step guide to backup your site using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. 

  1. Login to your site the usual way. ( [Image 1, below]
  2. Click on “All-In-One WP Migration”, on your dashboard.[Image 1]
  3. Click on “Backups”.[Image 1]
  4. Click on “Create backup”.[Image 1]
  5. Click on “Export To” and select where you want your back up to be stored. I usually just select “File”. Disregard the “Find and Replace” feature for now.[Image 2]
  6. The backup will start.
  7. You will receive notification when finished.
  8. Download the complete copy of your website.

What good is a backup if you don’t know how to recover from a catastrophic failure? 

This is how you install your backup.

  1. Login to your site the usual way. (
  2. If it is a fresh install of WordPress, Install the “All-In-One WP Migration” by clicking on “plugins,” “install new.” Search for “All-In-One WP Migration.” Click “Install” and “Activate.”
  3. Click on “All-In-One WP Migration”, on your dashboard.
  4. Click on “Import”.
  5. Drag your site backup file and drop it into the upload area.
  6. The plugin will warn you that you will be overwriting the existing data base, click “proceed”. 
  7. Click on the blue”PermaLinks Settings”.
  8. Click “Save Changes” twice.

Your website is restored.

This is a link to a YouTube Video of this process.


Credits: Thanks to Andy Grant and for use of their site for this tutorial.

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