New Website - Harris County Domestic Relations Office

We would like to announce the Harris County Texas Domestic Relations Office website built on the SharePoint framework. Harris County DRO

Thanks to everyone at HCDRO, it was great to work with you.

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Care and Feeding of Your WP Website: Installing Plugins

Installing a plugin is the fastest way to add functionality to you WP website. There are oodles of them and many are free.

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Using Heading Tags to Outline Pages for SEO

SEO is all about semantics, how accurately the page content and images relate to eachother and the title. We have all created an outline for a paper or speech in our lives. Here we use the same technique to ramp up our search engine ranking.

Heading tags allow the search engine's algorithms to understand your page electronically and give it semantic meaning. The better the agreement or relatability of the content, the higher the search rankings.

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Optimize Your Images

Nettle Plant

One way to improve a website’s SEO is through images. Here are the basic guidelines:

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Updating Your WP Site

This article will explain how to update your WP website. Before you make any updates to your site, it is always best practice to backup your site. Check out our previous article for info on that.

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Page Titles That Work

Gone are the days that you can pack your documents with keywords to get a higher search engine rating. Search engines have become more sophisticated and harder to fool with those tactics. So, what does work? One way is having a great page title. They are a key component of SEO. Here are some title guidelines that will help your website get that organic boost via the search engine.  

Make titles:

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Backing Up Your Site

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How do I back up my site?

By now you have added products, articles or posts to your site. It would be tragic to lose them due to a tech malfunction. There are many ways to do a site backup. Backing up with the All-In-One WP Migration plugin is one of the easiest I have found. Here is a step by step guide to backup your site using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. 

Care and Feeding of Your WP Website:

Help with WP website housekeeping.

BiteSize SEO:

SEO is all about semantics, how accurately the article, page content, and images relate to eachother and to the title.

Here we will enumerate the many ways you can add SEO to your website. However, we will present it in quick-learn lessons.

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